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CONSTRUCTION HELP PHOTOS (Keyed to Our Antique Patterns)The photos in these files are intended as helpful references for our pattern buyers. If you've purchased an antique pattern from us, look for the pattern number (e.g. 1909-A-003) to access the folder containing photos depicting aspects of construction for that pattern. Click on the main section/album photo to view the contents of that album, and CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ZOOM.
1909-A-003 (Evening/Ball Gown Pattern)Construction "help" photos for the 1909 Ladies' Evening or Ball Gown sewing pattern, Edwardian Rose Pattern #1909-A-003.
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1911-A-015 Ladies' Fancy Blouse with Contrast & EmbroiderySteps in constructing the traditional Edwardian high boned collar in this design. CLICK on heading or thumbnail to access the album.
1 29
1911-A-017 (Ladies' Fancy Blouse with Tucks & Lace)Construction help photos for our 'Edwardian Rose' pattern #1911-A-017 [CONTENT COMING SOON!]
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1912-A-003 (Ladies' Fancy Batiste Blouse)This album has 3 Sections -- Section A shows how to pre-tuck the fabric, Section B deals with the unique slashed, fitted dart technique for closing the sleeve, underarm and bodice side seam all in one process, and Section C shows sample photos of the completed blouse. CLICK on heading or thumbnail to open ALBUM.
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1912-A-006 (Ladies' Mantelet or Cape-Jacket)Construction photos for help in constructing and applying the decorative satin bands to this design. [CONTENT COMING SOON!]
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1912-A-029 (Fancy Afternoon Gown with Contrast Bands)This album shows aspects of construction for our Pattern #1912-A-029, divided into sections. CLICK on thumbnail to access the album.
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1912-A-040 (Ladies' Fancy Tailored Walking Suit with Contrast Trim)This album contains photos of important construction aspects of this suit, with notes. Due to time constraints when the sample suits were made, I was unable to take photographs of actual construction steps, but hopefully the annotated pictures in this album will help with construction questions. CLICK on heading or on the thumbnail to open the album.
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GALLERY OF OUR REPLICA ANTIQUE GARMENT CREATIONSWELCOME! We invite you to browse through our gallery of authentic replicas of antique garments we've created, organized by category.

Just look under any main category (in CAPITAL LETTERS) and click on a sub-category below it to see the albums. Click on the photos within the albums to enlarge, or click on the "Slide Show" icon at upper left of any photo to display the entire set as a slide show.

Click on "HOME" at the top left of this page to take you back to the main page. Some categories have no photos yet -- we'll be adding pictures as we go along.

Although these examples have been previously sold, many are available as sewing patterns. Please visit our website, for information on our antique patterns, and for links to our eBay store, "The Fashion Archaeologist", and our Etsy Shop ("FashionArchaeologist") where you can purchase our patterns directly.
CORSETSAuthentic replicas of beautiful antique corsets
Edwardian Replica CorsetsHistorically authentic replicas of beautiful corsets of the Edwardian era (from about 1900 to 1919)
8 125
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Corsets
EVENING GOWNSReplicas of gowns worn for formal occasions, including dinner, evening, theatre and ball gowns
Edwardian Evening Gowns (ca. 1900-1919)Replicas of the stunning evening gowns of the Belle Epoque, Titanic Era and up to the end of WWI
5 93
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Evening & Ball Gowns
AFTERNOON/PROMENADE GOWNS & WALKING SUITSReplicas of the lovely ensembles that were de rigueur for fashionable afternoon wear or visiting
Edwardian Day Gowns & Walking Suits (ca. 1900-1919)Suits and gowns from the Edwardian era for dressy daytime occasions. Most of the items shown in this album are available as sewing patterns, either in PDF format (in our Etsy shop), or in paper version (in our eBay store, while supplies last). CLICK on any photo to enlarge and see details.
10 235
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Day Gowns & Tailored Wear
BRIDAL GOWNSAccurate replicas of beautiful bridal gowns
Edwardian Bridal Gowns (ca. 1900-1919)Bridal/wedding gowns from the wider Edwardian era, that is, from the very end of Victoria's reign, through the reign of King Edward VII, and just beyond the end of WWI
1 10
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Wedding/Bridal Gowns
BLOUSES, SKIRTS, SPORTING WEAR & ACCESSORIESLadies' separate blouses, skirts, items for casual and sporting wear, and accessory garments
Edwardian Replica Blouses, Skirts & Other SeparatesAn album of various Edwardian separates for day wear. CLICK on this thumbnail to open the album. CLICK on any photo in the album to open the gallery of photos for that item.
7 110
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Blouses, Skirts & Other Separates
LINGERIEExamples of replica lingerie we have created from authentic historic sources
Edwardian Replica Lingerie (ca. 1900-1919)
4 71
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Lingerie
MEN'S GARMENTSReplica men's garments we have created from rare historical pattern sources
Edwardian Men's Garments (ca. 1900-1919)
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Replica Men's Garments
Babies' & Children's Articles
Edwardian Children's Wear & Misc. Articles (ca. 1900-1919)
Victorian, Civil War (1860's) & Early Children's Items
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Random files
2 viewsUnderskirt (part of front, and back train, from outside/right side).
Shown as worn with Silk Blouse11 viewsOur blouse pattern #1912-A-009 is planned for availability in the summer of 2014.
0 viewsCloser view of hand-stitching mounting Skirt to Bodice (seen from back). Click on photo to see even more detail. This hand back-stitching goes through all 3 layers of Skirt, Bodice and Foundation. Back-stitching is recommended as it is a particularly strong hand stitch which will securely hold the considerable weight of the Skirt in place.

Note that the hand stitches end about 5.0cm (2") from centre back on each side -- this is to allow the centre back of the Skirt top to remain free so that it can be closed independently of the Bodice.

Pins still hold the centre back Skirt facing/placket in place because the fasteners (snaps and hook-eye sets) have not yet been sewn on.

Last additions
3 viewsThis blouse goes beautifully under the Cape-Jacket/Mantelet (Pattern #1912-A-006. Aug 27, 2017
2 viewsAnother version of Mantelet #1912-A-006 worn with this blouse #1912-A-003. Aug 27, 2017
0 viewsThis design has the "pigeon-breasted" blousing at bottom typical of late Edwardian garments. Aug 27, 2017
0 viewsAug 27, 2017
4 viewsWith "Tulip Skirt" (pattern #1912-A-010)Aug 27, 2017
3 viewsAug 27, 2017
3 viewsThe pattern includes the optional matching fabric belt (purchased button trim).Aug 27, 2017
3 viewsThe blouse is adjusted below the waist with a tie, as it was in the original design. This keeps the pigeon-breasted arrangement nicely in place under a skirt waistband. Aug 27, 2017